Building Crowbar “Pebbles”

Getting Going with Pebbles and Grizzly

On Ubuntu 12.04

Prep your environment

apt-get install rpm2cpio rpm build-essentials python-dev python-pip libxslt

Echo the /etc/sudoers partial into place so you can run all the commands as your user:

echo "<your username> ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/mount, /bin/umount, /usr/sbin/debootstrap, /bin/cp, /usr/sbin/chroot" >> /etc/sudoers

Clone the repo, doing a git pull if you already have the repo, and would like all the great changes and fixes we’ve made recently. When running ./dev setup you’ll need your github username and password, so we can make a scratch space for you. PLUS, if you git init your .crowbar_build_cache, you can go a long way to saving yourself worry. There’s plenty of information on that in the README.* files once you clone the Crowbar repo in the first step.

git clone
./dev setup
./dev fetch
./dev sync

Switch to the Pebbles release, and the OpenStack branch.

./dev switch pebbles/openstack-os-build
./dev clone-barclamps
./dev fetch
./dev sync
./dev switch pebbles/openstack-os-build

Run the build. Nota Bene: indicating --pfs is a bit dangerous. It indicates that the latest stable OpenStack code will be pulled from the Internet and cached in your Crowbar.ISO. With that, you’ll be installing the latest stable bits. The more conservative approach is to install from packages, omiting the --pfs

./dev build --update-cache --pfs --os ubuntu-12.04

It will take FOREVER, unless you’re on a massively powerful machine and an OC48. 🙂

In my experience, Python’s pip system failed quite regularly to get the bits it was looking for. It doesn’t have a retry mechanism as far as I can tell.

In my next blog entry I’ll discuss install of the ISO, setup of Crowbar and the deployment of OpenStack Grizzly!

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