Slow Droid 4 – FIXED!

EDIT:  Every time you reboot, you’ve gotta go BACK to developer options and set the ‘Background Apps’ to =< 2.  😦

Oh man, was I suffering from a slow Motorola Droid 4.  Switching between apps took MINUTES.  It was awful.  I’m running Verizon supplied Android 4.1.2.  I was blaming it on Waze or Facebook or not enough RAM. Then I did some searching and boy was I wrong.

All you gotta do is:

“Settings” -> “Developer Options” and set all the “animations” to off.  For good measure I limited background apps to 3 in number.

Now my phone is fast and wonderful.  It’s great!  If this helps you too, leave a shoutout!

4 thoughts on “Slow Droid 4 – FIXED!

  1. Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ve been struggling with this problem for years. I just refuse to upgrade my phone because im so attached to the keyboard. Thanks!!

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