CloudForms 4.1 – Setting up SmartProxy (fleecing) correctly

The docs totally don’t tell you that you’ll need more space to use the SmartProxy function.  But I will. 🙂  They do make it easy, though.

As a bit of background:  To run a SmartProxy analysis (“fleecing,”) CloudForms take a snapshot of the running VM (if the VM is indeed running), and copies that snapshot over to the CloudForms VM.  It then mounts that image and processes it.  So, you’ll need plenty of disk space for processing.

First, make yourself a nice mountable volume somewhere that the VM can see.  I created a cinder volume of 100GB and use nova volume-attach to attach it to my running CloudForms VM.

Then ssh into the CloudForms machine and run the “appliance_console.”

There’s an option to “expand temporary space.”   It’ll discover the volume you’ve just attached to your VM.   You don’t need to restart anything.

Next time you run the SmartProxy analysis, it will have enough disk space for one or two concurrent analysis tasks.


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