FuncOps: Orchestration and The Mothership Connection

It’s going to take some time to understand and articulate the full awesomeness of Crowbar 2’s approach to DevOps. One of the ways is to envision “Functional Operations,” similar to “Functional Programming”… this is early, but it’s a peek at our thinking. Paraphrasing Parliament Funcadelic: “Make my Func the FuncOps, I want to get FuncOps.”

What Erlang teaches us about orchestration.

Erlang’s design allows for intergalactic scalability and concurrency. Let’s riff off of a great design!

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Docker and the Image/Config Event Horizon – 3 Thoughts

As tools like Docker eliminate much of the slowness and immutability of “golden images” and more robust config managers like Enterprise Chef reach further out across the datacenter, three thoughts come to mind:

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